Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

Product Description

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine 

We are manufacturing Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine which is featured with automatic clamp and cut film. For the processes of in-feed and out-feed of the products, the machine is equipped with motorized roller conveyors. An added advantage of wrapping is that it safeguards the products from water, dust, stains, wear, damage etc. Some of the important parameters of Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine are as follows:

  • Drive Type : Electric
  • Wrapping Modes : Pipes, Tubes, Bars, Goods etc.
  • Application Products : Wood, Aluminum, Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Control Mode : PLC + HMI Control (optional)
  • Speed : Variable
Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

The horizontally constructed stretch wrapping machine has an indicator which automatically creates signal in case of trouble in operation. It also an automatic control of the material tension, which when coupled with the photocell sensor for setting the packing position, makes the machine highly efficient in the domain. During the design of this machine, we have kept the control panel on a separate side to simplify its entire operation as well as maintenance.

Technical Parameters of Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines

  • Conveyer height and length
  • Conveying speed
  • Material and its size
  • Maximum loading
  • Overlap scope
  • Package length
  • Package width
  • Power output
  • Power voltage
  • Rotating speed


  • Turn table diameter    : 1500 mm.
  • Height from ground level : 00 mm.
  • Maximum load dimensions  : 1000 x 1200 mm
  • Maximum load height       : 2385 mm 
  • Maximum load weight      : 1000 kgs. / 1500 Kgs.
  • Spool carriage         : prs/pe power roller pre stretch carriage with pre-stretch ratio adjustable up to 300 %   (depending upon film quality).
  • Safety device by microswitch on bottom of spool carriage.
  • Soft start through ac invertor.
  • Fixed point turn table stopping.
  • Fixed upward downward spool carriage speed with 20 % overlap.
  • Automatic load height sensing by limit switch on sliding guide.
  • Individual top & bottom wrap counters.
  • Dual purpose for reels or palletized load
  • PLC Controlled Models
  • Heavy duty turntable