Mini Type Shrink Packaging Machine

Product Description

Mini Type Shrink Packaging Machine 

Join Pack Machines Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing precision designed Mini Type Shrink Packaging Machine which is especially fabricated for the bank sector, to shrink wrap the Currency. The shrink wrapping done from this machine is guaranteed to be safe and tamper proof. Furthermore, the mini type shrink packaging machine enables to acquire complete moisture proof and dust proof packing. 100% transparency is another feature of this machine. It has compact structure and is light in weight; hence it can be easily moved as required. The single phase machine, is very easy to operate and gives fast performance. You can choose this mini model of the shrink packaging machine on the basis of seal dimensions and pack dimensions.

Mini Type Shrink Packaging Machine

Specifications of  PVC / POF Shrink Packaging Machine (Mini Type)

  • Shrink film material: Polyolefin, PP, PVC
  • Temperature Controller: Adjustable and Accurate
  • Power Supply: Single Phase, 230V, 50 Hz
  • Feature of packaging: 100% transparent, moisture proof and dust proof.

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Galvanized,Powder coated



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