Horizontal Strapping With Servo Motor Driven A-98HE

Product Description

Horizontal strapping system with indexing head. Designed to strap & secure on pallet load with either polypropylene or polyester. Provide pallet loads good protection during transport.

  • For PP & PET strap
  • Arch anti-bump device
  • Commercial PLC control
  • Index sealing head 250 or 400 mm stroke
  • Individual control box with HMI touch panel
  • Auto detect for strap failure, short feeding & empty strap band
  • Variety of conveyors
  • Arch with side press device
  • Dispenser adopts electromagnetic brake system
Horizontal Strapping With Servo Motor Driven A-98HE
Arch Size (W x H) 1450 x 1400 (Customize)
Cycle Time 13 sec. / strap
Max. Tension (kgs) 75
Strap Width (mm) 9,12,15.5,19 (Specified)
Sealing Method Heating element
Sealing Position Side
Reel I.D. (mm) 203 or 406 (Specified)
Power Supply 220/230/380/415/440V,50/60Hz, 3PH
Power Consumption (kw) 3.5
Compressed Air 5 ~ 6 bars for side press device
Layout Dimension (L x W x Hmm) (50%,100%,150%,200%) 4810 x 1736 x 4000 (50%,100%,150%,200%)
*Specification subject to change without notice