Heavy Duty PET Sealer MUL-330

Product Description

Heavy Duty PET Sealer which ensures the most demanding sealing efficiency. Unique design of staggered, symmetrical jaws. Lifetime availability of parts and service.

  • Staggered jaws, symmetrical structured
  • Excellent sealing efficiency, multiple pressure zone
  • Cam-action jaws, larger closing by shorter shoulder
  • Unique jaw allows less clearance between seal and package surface
Heavy Duty PET Sealer MUL-330
Strap Polyester Polypropylene
Strap Width 16mm (5/8″inch)
Net Weight 2.2kgs
Dimension (L x W mm) (50%,100%,150%,200%) 496 x 94 (50%,100%,150%,200%)
*Specification subject to change without notice