Automatic 4-Sides Squaring Machine CS4

Product Description

Automatic 4 sides squaring machine ideal for squaring the stack of corrugated cardboard before strapping. Bilateral paddles with front bundle stop and rear pusher, CS4 ensures the bundle be completely ordered before strapping Ideal to integrate with Joinpack A-8 or A-9 series strapping machine or existing conveyor and strapping machine

  • Mitsubishi PLC
  • Heavy duty knurled roller
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • DC motor driven bilateral paddles with pneumatic bundle stop and rear pusher
  • Combined with A-88C, A-88NARP, A-85NARP
Automatic 4-Sides Squaring Machine CS4
Conveyor Speed (m / min) 9~50
Table Height (mm) 760~1010
Power Supply 110/220/230/240V, 50/60Hz, 1PH 220/230/380/415/440V, 50/60Hz, 3PH
Power Consumption (kw) 0.65
Layout Dimension (L x W x Hmm) (50%,100%,150%,200%) 1340 x 2156 x 1687 (50%,100%,150%,200%)
*Specification subject to change without notice